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Symphony of Frequency

Updated: Sep 29, 2020

I was on a webinar the other day listening to Marcus Schmieke talk about the frequency device I have been using.

This mighty little device has made such a difference in my life that I wanted to make sure I said the right words and used the proper terminology. I am far from being a scientist and I had it in my head that if I didn’t have the right words that people wouldn’t understand what I was talking about and miss out on this amazing technology.

As I listened intently to his words, I was fully prepared to start taking notes on technical terms and scientific statements. Instead, he began to talk about the Symphony of Frequency. He spoke about how there is a focus on each note and how it must be concise (each instrument), but it also must be part of the whole (the symphony). There are complimentary qualities between the local and global (quantum effect).

The conductor of the symphony is there to unify the musicians, to set the tempo and execute clear preparations and beats. They control the interpretation and pacing of the music – just like the quantum sensor does.

Mentally and Physically, the Symphony of Frequencies has a direct effect on our lives.

  • Music is a tool for me. When I want to pump up my energy level, I have an upbeat playlist that will knock out any slow-moving thoughts and movements. It is pretty common for me to just jump around the house…I Love Jumping!

  • Everyone has watched the face of a musician when they are thoroughly enjoying a piece of music. The peace, joy, rush of emotions and when that crescendo happens – watch out!! It is truly a magical experience.

  • Think about the movies you watch. If they took away all of the music scores, would you still have the same experience with that movie?

  • We have all seen the opera singer shatter the wine glass. To shatter the glass, the note’s frequency must be the same as the glass and it must be intense or loud. All the energy of the singer’s voice is then transferred to the glass and it shatters.

Now imagine this, there are elements within us mentally, physically, spiritually, emotionally that vibrate on a particular frequency. Imagine a mighty little device that, through science, has the technology to match that frequency and address any symptom in a way that can break through barriers that prevent us from being healthy. Frequencies then balance and normalize us and the issue.

Although my instruments are still being tuned, my Symphony of Frequency device is most certainly working through each instrument, note by note helping my mind, body and spirit become more and more in tune individually and with one another. Personally, I have been feeling the positive effects since I have started to use it. Daily, I run the analysis to see what areas need the most attention and then choose 3-5 programs. It is utterly amazing how accurate and effortless it is to use!!

I may not be a scientist and I may not be a musician, but I am most certainly making the most spectacular melodies on my longevity and vitality journey!!


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