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Feel Vivacious, Spry, Joyful and look Younger!

You really can turn back time – internally and externally!!

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Melissa Leslie
Integrative Wellness
Health Coach

 ‘Do What You Love’ – and Oh, How I LOVE helping people get healthier and feel better!!


I know what it’s like to feel crappy, hormonal, run down and old. But don’t let anyone tell you that you need to stay that way – ESPECIALLY if they use Your Age as a reason for it! That’s a bunch of bunk!!


You can feel Vivacious, Spry, Joyful and look Younger! You really can turn back time – internally and externally!!

After many years of being skinny fat, having muscle pain and brain fog, I chose to be my best advocate when it came to my whole-body health. Through research, education, and personal experiences, I’ve discovered that life did not need to be a roller coaster of emotions and poor life habits.


My goal is to show that Whole Body Health and taking an Integratively-Well approach is not only about avocadoes for a youthful appearance. It’s about proper nutrition, exercise, mindfulness and stress management. You can be skinny fat, heavy healthy, medically minded or hippy happy, but we all need to be mindful of our whole-body health to live our best and healthiest version of ourselves.


With years of experience studying hormones, wellness, and the effects of aging and chronic disease, I have worked with some of the country’s best alternative, holistic, and integrated healthcare professionals. Through these experiences, I have seen firsthand why traditional medicine fails patients, especially those aging and with chronic diseases.


For years I searched for a way to successfully help people like you who are sick and tired of being sick and tired.


It doesn’t have to continue like this for you. By partnering with you on a personalized revitalization plan, you can regain the health that you once had and roll back the signs and symptoms of aging. If you are ready to make a commitment to change your life and regain your health, I would like to work with you.

I don’t feel that I, or anyone, should feel crappy, achy, tired and old because a chart says your bloodwork is in the normal range. I had a thyroid issue that went undetected for years, primarily because I was thin. When I would tell the doctors that I had gained weight, I was exhausted, and I was freezing all of the time, they prescribed antidepressants. They just wanted to put a band-aid on the symptoms and not find out the real issue.


Let’s find out why you are feeling ‘off’ and get to the root of the issue.

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