This is About YOU!

Helping clients feel good, look good and be the healthiest versions of themselves.

Melissa Leslie
Longevity Expert

I am a curious, strategic thinker who can logically and creatively take the why or why can’t I and solve the core issue of a problem or situation. With fearless optimism, I help people get healthier and live happier. 

Longevity starts at any age. Let me help you dream, sparkle and shine!

My compass has led me to the whole-body health sector for what seems like my entire life. After many years of being skinny fat, having muscle pain and brain fog, I chose to be my best advocate when it came to my whole-body health. Through research, education, and personal experiences, I’ve discovered that life did not need to be a roller coaster of emotions. I am dedicated to helping others live their best whole life, to age healthier and to live happier. With a background in marketing and event planning, a Barre certified instructor with a love for healthy living and exercise, I have combined my passions into helping others find their best whole life.


My goal is to show that Whole Body Health is not only about appearances. It’s about proper nutrition, exercise, mindfulness and stress management. You can be skinny fat, heavy healthy, medically minded or hippy happy, but we all need to be mindful of our whole body health to live our best and healthiest version of ourselves.


I empower my clients to be able to tell their whole health story. Connecting people with professionals who can help meet their individual needs both personally and professionally is one of my super-powers. We can be happy every day by choosing what is right for us in all areas of our lives. Whole body health is a journey. Let me help guide you to a more fulfilled and joyful life